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Exclusive Online Coaching

I've been through all of this: flying back and forth as a pilot makes my schedule very irregular, though I always find a way for my training and I always plan my meals accordingly. After 10 years I've now perfectioned the right routine, but it would've been so much easier if I had a coach when I started.

Let me tell you something: most personal trainers don't know what it means to be a business professional. I do.

And I don't blame them. Most personal trainers are good company for 1:1 sessions. They motivate you for one hour and go on with a new client the next. Better personal trainers also design a workout or nutrition plan for you. But none of them truely understand what it takes to work on a high level that demands almost all of your time and energy. You almost can't find that support anywhere.

What you need, and what I needed 10 years ago, is a coach or a team who's been through it all. Overcoming the struggle and only demanding the best for their work ánd themselves. You don't have to give up on your body because you value your career. I do this because I want to show you that you can have both.


BELOW is the start of your journey, but only continue if the following applies to you: 

  • You are a dedicated BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL who's ready to work on their ultimate physique

  • You are willing to invest in your body transformation

  • You agree to enter this trajectory with an open mind and therefore you will listen to me upon my guidance


If you are hesitant about the above, I kindly request you not to apply. But, if you checked all the questions - I am going to work with 10 PEOPLE ONLY this month, so act quick.


You can expect of me:


● POWERFUL personal online coaching with me and my team

● Personalized nutrition plan (changed each month)

● Personalized training plan (changed each month)

  • Exclusive pilot secrets for leading a high performance lifestyle

● Weekly group Zoom with me, my team and others

● My cell/mobile number for direct contact

● WhatsApp support group with likeminded members and our movement specialists

  • Proven fitness methods to become more successful in the gym

  • A powerful welcome guide to kickstart your career


Complete the form below to apply for a consultation with my team, but ONLY continue if you are ready for the BEST result. 

Let's get started

Take your time to fill in the questions below.
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